Stability Policy

As Shibuya Theme is intended to be a professional theme rather than a hobby one, it is important to keep it stable. Users who use Shibuya Theme in a standard way should not expect any disruptive changes with each upgrade. That’s not to say that there won’t be occasional glitches.

Design changes

Shibuya Theme may make minor design changes or add new features in each release. But the layout is fixed, it is divided into three parts:

  • header: designed to be compatible with most company or product homepages

  • body: left sidebar for document links, main content and right sidebar for table of contents

  • footer: additional information and links about your company or product

Sphinx versions

Here lists the Sphinx version Shibuya theme supports:

  • Sphinx v6

  • Sphinx v7

Shibuya Theme may drop support for older versions of Sphinx when a new version of Sphinx is released.

Undocumented features

Shibuya Theme may contain undocumented features, the stability of these undocumented features is not guaranteed.

Pin the version

The best solution for stability is to pin the version to your requirements file. If there is a new release of Shibuya Theme, check the changelog first before upgrading.